Research, development & innovation

We invest greatly in research and developing new resources.

Our R&D department is operated by an extremely qualified & experienced team. They are improving busy daily improving, testing, analyzing and perfecting our products, along with tailoring to our customer's needs.
Creative ideas brewed in our department have developed into prize-winning and established products.
R&D mainly focuses on:

  • Specific customer R&D

Specific customer R&D

Developing solutions meeting customer preferences and guidelines. This is achieved by a robust protocol, firstly understanding and identifying market/customer needs. Secondly, adapting various parameters into a range of solutions, all offered to our customer until final perfected solution is achieved.

  • Strategic R&D

Strategic R&D

Exploring & identifying future trends and market needs. Our team is constantly learning and developing new offers. Offers vary from raw materials, unique ingredients, global trends, NPD (New Product Development), packaging adaptations, etc. As part of the process we are constantly consulting with experts and academics as well as attending international meetings and shows.
We strive to maintain our position as a leading global producer, using the latest cut-edge technology. It is our passion to rapidly learn, develop, improve and grow.

We are constantly seeking for more ways of improving. From sourcing new & better raw ingredients, investing in modern machinery and upgrading our package capabilities.